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Dr. Anke Kalodikis

  • Specialist in General Medicine and Nutritional Medicine
  • married, two children
  • Languages: German (mother tongue), English (fluent)


Studies of the human medicin and doctoral promotion 1987 – 1994

  • Hannover Medical School
  • University of Hamburg



  • On the subject: “In Vitro-Untersuchung von potentiell ursächlichen Faktoren der Permeabilitätssteigerung der Endothelzellen bei Malaria tropica im menschlichen Nabelschnurendothelzellkulturmodell” under Prof. Dr. M. Dietrich, Tropical Institute of Hamburg


Junior Doctor 1995 – 1996

  • North Sea Rehabilitation Facility I, in St. Peter-Ording, at the department of General Medicine, Dermatology, Orthopaedics and Psychosomatics


Assistant Doctor 1996 – 1999

  • Additional qualification in Emergency Medical Service 1996
  • in GP surgeries in Büsum Husum and Berlin


General Practitioner since 2001

  • Additional qualification in Nutritional Medicine 1999
  • Since 1st of July 2013 employed part time in our Family Practice